Ladycare Plus+ Menopause Magnet Device

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Ladycare Plus Menopause Magnet Device

Over a million women are using LadyCare for their menopausal symptoms here in the US and UK. It is important to understand that results may vary. Since all women are different, many receive benefits long before others, on occasions within the first couple of weeks. For this reason, it is essential to be patient, and to wear your LadyCare device continuously (24/7) for a full three months, before assessing its full benefits. Studies show that 71% of women who use LadyCare receive significant benefits. However, a few women may unfortunately be disappointed.

LadyCare helps by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system, this imbalance is responsible for all 23 menopause symptoms.

LadyCare retains its optimum power for five years, however as part of the nervous system any increase to stress level can reduce or override the benefits of LadyCare.

It is therefore very important to try to relax as much as possible and keep stress levels low.


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