Joelle Paris Sun Protect Sun Shine Spray

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Joelle Paris Sun Shine Spray:

    • This leave-in spray adds sunscreen protection to the hair to keep it healthy and protected
    • Its a lightweight formula that contains natural oil-based SPF that guards the hair against harmful UVA?and UVB
    • Acts as a guard against UV rays
    • Stops the?hair color from fading
    • Ads daily shine and softness to the hair

Key Ingredients:

    • Argan Oil:?Moisturizes the?hair and scalp and protects it from everyday damages It reduces breakage and split ends and keeps the scalp healthy It helps prevent?hair loss
    • Salicylic Acid:?Reduces the formation of dandruff to?keep?the scalp free of dead skin
    • Citric Acid:?Increases the flow of the blood that helps to improve the scalp conditions by getting rid of dandruff and repairing the follicles necessary for healthy hair growth It helps soothe the itchy scalp

How To Use:

    • Shake the bottle well
    • Spray into slightly damp hair and then style
    • Can be used on dry hair as a styler refresher


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