Joelle Paris Hair Loss Shampoo 250ml

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Joelle Paris Hair Loss Shampoo 250mL:

Joelle Paris Formule Capil Hair Loss shampoo fights hair loss and stimulates growth, its formula contains plant extracts stimulating ginkgo, lemon and thyme in addition to a patented compound that increases hair stability and growth, a nourishing and revitalizing daily spray resistant to hair loss, gives hair follicles the necessary nutrients and energy and stimulates hair growth Naturally, the hair is fed from the roots, becoming thicker and denser

    • Fights hair loss and stimulates growth
    • Gives hair follicles the necessary nutrients and energy
    • Makes hair thicker and denser

Key Ingredients:

    • Rosemary Leaf Extract:?Promotes hair growth by strengthening the blood circulation and prevents hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair fall
    • Red Vineyard:?The antioxidants present helps to accelerate the blood?circulation?in the scalp to prevent hair fall
    • Tea Tree:?Prevents the build-up of chemicals and dead skin on the scalp which?keeps the hair healthy?moisturized, and stops?it from falling out
    • Lemon:?Rich in Vitamin C which will boost the production of collagen and improves hair growth

How To Use:

    • Apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair and scalp
    • Massage the scalp and hair
    • Rinse thoroughly


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