Joelle Paris Face Lift Gold Face Mask 5’s

Innovative cellulose sheet masks with unique ingredients mixture that leaves the skin shining and glowing like gold from the first use.

  • جويل باريس قناع شد الوجه الذهبي 5 قطع
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    Joelle Paris Face Lift Gold Face Mask 5’s

    Innovative Cellulose Sheet Masks With Unique Ingredients Mixture That Leaves The Skin Shining And Glowing Like Gold From The First Use. The Cellulose Sheets Mask Provides Moisture-Rich Formula Reveals A Visibly Radiant And Crystal Clear Complexion ? And Its Firming Action Targets The Forehead And T-Zone To Give You A Strikingly, More Contoured Facial Profile.

    • For All Skin Types.
    • 5 Masks/Pack.

    How to use:

    • Gently Unfold The Mask And Place Over A Fully-Cleansed Face.
    • Adjust Over The Mouth, Nose, And Eyes To Fit Before Removing The Cover.
    • Relax For 10-20 Minutes, Then Peel Away The Mask.
    • Massage The Remaining Product Into Your Neck And Hands; There?S No Need To Rinse.
    • Use A Minimum Of 2 Times Per Week As Part Of Your Skincare Routine.


    • Joelle Paris face lift hydrate the skin leaving it nourished, smooth, beautiful.
    • Promotes Blood Circulation Which Increases The Elasticity Of The Skin, Toning It To Inject A Youthful Brilliance Back Into The Skin.
    • Anti-Aging And Whitening? With Regular Use And Fights Fine Lines Especially In T-Zone.
    • Increase The Skin?S Elasticity, Making It Feel Smoother And Healthier.
    • 24k gold.
    • Boswellia serrata resin extract?for anti-aging.
    • Blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and aloe fruits extract?? antioxidants.
    • Hydrolyzed collagen?? improves skin hydration, wrinkles and elasticity.
    • Ursi?leaf extract?? antioxidant fruits ? hydrate & brighten the skin.
    • Cellulose gum?? good bacteria that convert glucose into cellulose.
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