Isla Mint Lozenges 30’S

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Isla Mint Lozenges 30’S

  • ISLA® – Icelandic moss based pastilles for rapid removal of inflammatory diseases symptoms of the vocal cords, promote moistening and restoration of the mucous membrane of the throat. They have a protective (i.e. they envelop and moisturize the mucous), antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.
  • Due to these properties, ISLA® pastilles envelop and humidify the respiratory tract, remove inflammation, eliminate huskiness, itching and burning, thereby helping to restore hoarse, husky or lost voice.
  • SLA® is approved for use in adults and children from 4 and are indicated in laryngitis, hoarseness, huskiness and to people, who face high voice load or work in adverse climatic conditions (cold, heat, dust, etc.).
  • ISLA® is helpful in dry irritating cough, to include of allergic origin.
  • ISLA® – applicable in hoarseness, huskiness and dry irritating cough

Key Ingredients:

  • One paste contains 80 mg of aqueous extract of Icelandic moss (Cetraria islandica extract) 0,4-0,8: 1).
  • Mint

How To Use:

Adults and teenagers

  • The recommended one-time dose — 1 pastil.
  • It is possible to accept drug each hour if necessary, that is existence of pain or feeling of irritation in a throat.
  • The most admissible dose in 1 days – no more than 12 tablets.

Children of 4 — 12 years

  • The recommended one-time dose — 1 pastil.
  • Not the thicket can take a pill if necessary than 1 time at two o’clock.
  • The most admissible dose in 1 days – no more than 6 tablets.






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