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Institut Esthederm Sensi System Calming Eye Contour 15ml

AED 350 AED 280

Institut Esthederm Sensi System Calming Eye Contour 15ml

  • Instantly soothes and decongests the eye contour area of delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Its calms irritation, reduces puffiness and redness while providing moisture and comfort.
  • Recommended for contact lens wearers and for those who may have irritated eye contour areas from computer use, too much sun, extreme cold or pollution.
  • Contains a decongesting complex to drain the eye area and to reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  • Sensi System, calms the skin by regulating the factors that cause irritation.
  • TCS time control system patented, that helps to slow down premature ageing signs.

How to use:

  • Apply morning and/or night to clean, dry skin in the eye area.
  • Apply using gentle circular strokes or tapping movements from the upper inside corner of the eye towards the outer edge and inversely.
  • Indication: Decongest and smooth the eye contour.


Stearyl Glycyrrhetianate (Licorice Extract), Sweet Almond Extract Glycoprotein, Horse Chestnut Extract, Creatine, Biofavonoids, Soluble Vitamin C, ATP, Carnosine, Mineral salts.
HD Rhamnoleca complex, Decongesting Complex, High Tolerance Formulation, Time Control System, Cellular Water.



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