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Skincare Iluma Intense Brightening Serum

Brightening Serum is an effective skin care product designed for daily use. The cosmetic product is quickly absorbed, fully caring for the dermis prone to irritation and pigmentation. Herbal ingredients in combination with vitamin C even out the tone of the face, have a soothing effect on the skin. The serum will improve the condition of sun-damaged skin. A cosmetic product developed by specialists for skin with visible irritation and damage. Can be used after peels and other salon procedures.

Using Intense Brightening Serum provides improved skin condition and complexion

The serum prevents the appearance of redness and irritation, reduces the appearance of discoloration, brightens areas with pigmentation. Suitable for use all year round. The active components of the product penetrate into the deep layers of the skin due to a special transportation technology.

Mode of application:

The serum should be applied to the face and neck after thoroughly cleansing these areas. You should use the cosmetic product in the morning and evening. The product can be added to the Care Foundation for a pronounced dermis brightening effect. For aging skin care, you can alternate with Anti-age serum with vitamin C, which smoothes wrinkles and fine lines.

Key Ingredients:

  • Unshiu Mandarin Peel Extract – Exfoliate, Whitening, Anti-Aging Effect.
  • Rumex – protection against pigmentation.
  • Mulberry extract – moisturizing, nourishing, lightening age spots, normalizing metabolic processes.
  • Licorice extract – reduces puffiness and irritation, stimulates collagen production.
  • Azelaic acid – normalization of sebum production, protection from free radicals.
  • Green tea extract – antibacterial property.
  • Willow bark extract – anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.


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