Hansaplast -Blister Plaster Large 5Pcs

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Hansaplast -Blister Plaster Large 5Pcs

Hansaplast Blister Plaster with its hydrocolloid active gel cushion protects the affected area and relieves pain instantly. The active gel cushion, based on the principle of moist healing, has superabsorbers inside, designed to absorb blister fluid and allow a protective layer of gel to form over the wound – creating the ideal conditions for healing. The plaster also protects against pressure, prevents additional friction and keeps dirt and bacteria away from the skin that could otherwise enter the wound. Thanks to Hansaplast Adhesion Technology the plaster stays in place for 48 hours. It’s also extremely waterproof and sweat-proof. The new, easy-to-use application system lets you apply the plaster quickly and without wrinkles for added convenience when you’re on the go.



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