GlowRadiance Defy Powder 200gm

A potent anti-aging powder, GlowRadiance Defy Powder transforms your appearance and boosts your complexion by acting at the cellular level. Defy Leaves Your Skin Luxuriously Smoothed And Softened, Similar To A Rejuvenating Facial.

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GlowRadiance Defy Powder 200gm

GlowRadiance Defy Powder is an effective anti-aging powder that works at the core of the cell to transform your looks and supercharge your complexion. Like a rejuvenating facial, Defy leaves your skin luxuriously smoothed and softened. Your skin will look visibly brighter, smoother, and fairer in just four weeks, and continue to improve over time. Reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation.


  • Reduces Wrinkles and Increases Skin Suppleness.
  • For Dull and lifeless skin as it reverses your age and gives you youthful skin.
  • Sagged and aged skin where will give you a glowing look.
  • Resolves Fine and deep wrinkles.
  • Best used post botox and fillers procedures as it enhances its effect.
  • For Dehydrated Skin.
  • Prevention of wrinkles.
  • Part of the Daily skin care regimen

How To Use:

  • For usage and instructions, consult the pamphlet.
  • Can Be Mixed with Juices Or Milk.


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