Fucidin Cream 15gm

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Fucidin Cream 15gm

Fucidin Cream 15 gm contains Fusidic acid, an antibiotic that works by inhibiting the production of essential proteins that are necessary for bacteria to grow and multiply. Thereby, it stops the growth of bacteria without killing them directly. Then the bacteria eventually die, or the immune system destroys them and clears the infection.

Fucidin Cream 15 gm belongs to a class of drugs called antibiotics used to treat infections of the skin such as impetigo (a weeping, crusty and swollen patch of skin), cellulitis (swelling, redness, and pain in the infected area),  infected cuts, burns, wounds, grazes, abrasions, ulcers, boils, abscesses, spots, carbuncles (cluster of boils), infected eczema and infected contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin).

How To Use:

  • For external use only. Always wash your hands before and after using this cream. Replace cap tightly after each use.


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