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Filorga Mesotherapist Roller And Solution 15ml

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Filorga Mesotherapist Roller And Solution 15ml

Directly inspired by the anti-ageing mesotherapy protocols used in medicine, restores the skin’s suppleness, radiance and youth. The roller stimulates the skin deep-down thanks to the micro-needles on its rotating head. It acts in synergy with the sterile poly-revitalizing NCTF® solution, a star ingredient used in aesthetic medicine, and promotes its diffusion into the heart of the skin to revitalize the skin tissue and it helps firm and lift your skin to reveal a younger-looking skin.

Roller micro-needles on a roller head
NCTF, a poly-revitalizing nutritive complex sterile nutritive solution
Needle Size: 0.25 mm

How to use:

  • One session every 2 days for a period of 3 weeks.
  • Carefully remove all make-up from the face.
  • The face may be cleaned using a cotton pad soaked in a disinfectant solution.
  • Spray the NCTF solution onto the face (press 3 to 5 times).
  • Apply the roller on the entire face using horizontal movements, followed by vertical movements, then diagonal ones, avoiding the eye contours. Do not press hard.
  • Start with the cheeks, then the chin, and finally the forehead and temples.
  • Spray the NCTF solution onto the face (press 3 to 5 times).
  • Let it penetrate into the skin.
  • Once the solution has been absorbed, you can apply your usual skincare product.
  • Clean the roller under hot water or in an alcohol-based solution bath.


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