Derma delice solution 50ml

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Derma Pella Delice Solution 50 ml / 1.7oz

It is known that having lice is simply an infection that has no relation to hygiene or health. Physical contact may lead to infection. Most of available lice treatment is pesticides and the long term use have led to increase lice resistance to treatment. Delice represents a new concept in treating lice infection it is simply a physical eradication of lice and nits. Delice active ingredient is Dimethicone blend which is well-known ingredient used in anti-flatulence products and also used in many cosmetic products as a conditioner.

  • Delice solution:Suffocate the lice and nits by replacing the oxygen in their respiratory system.
  • 10 minutes:?All the lice and nits will be dead in 10 minutes.
  • Pesticide Free:?Pesticide-free no neurotoxic pesticide.
  • Complete eradication:?Complete eradication of lice and nits.
  • Safty Profile:?Well known high safety profile.
  • Easy to:?Easy to use sprayer and special comb.
  • Resistance:?Resistance to Delice is unlikely to develop because it uses a physical mode of action to eradicate head lice and nits.



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