CH-Alpha Drinkable Vials 30’s

GELITA Health offers CH-Alpha, a FORTIGEL-based medication that is extraordinarily effective, extraordinarily useful, and delectable. Science has proven that these natural, bioactive collagen peptides encourage the growth of new joint cartilage. CH-Alpha is the best, all-natural, and most effective way to protect and regenerate joint cartilage for an active lifestyle at any age.

CH-Alpha is the perfect, natural, and effective way to protect and regenerate joint cartilage ? for an active lifestyle at every age. It gives people back their quality of life. CH-Alpha is a highly effective, very convenient, and pleasant-tasting formulation based on fortigel. These natural, bioactive collagen peptides have been scientifically proven to stimulate the synthesis of new joint cartilage. In many cases, a regular supply of collagen peptides can help to rejuvenate the joint cartilage and make movement both smoother and more comfortable. After just a few weeks of regular intake, many patients, somewhat gratefully, experience significant pain relief, and increased mobility.

With a regular infusion of collagen peptides, the joint cartilage can frequently be revitalized, made smoother, and made more pleasant to touch. Thankfully, a lot of people report great pain relief and increased mobility after just a few weeks of regular use. There is a convenient one-month supply of drinking ampoules for CH-Alpha.

CH-Alpha Overview:

  • Help nourish cartilage tissue directly
  • Help cartilage absorb maximum nutrients
  • Helps regenerate and restore cartilage degeneration
  • Reduce joint pain, joint injuries heal and protects joints health and flexibility


  • Strengthens joints and cartilage.
  • Aids in regenerating and restoring deteriorated cartilage.
  • Reduce joint discomfort, help recover and protect joints’ flexibility and health

How to use:

  • To support joint health, sip one vial each day.
  • Use for a minimum of three months or as advised by a healthcare professional.
  • Use at least for three months or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner


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