Beurer Hearing Aid Ha20

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The HA20 can make bigger sounds each interior and outside via way of means of 40dB, with a most audio output of 128dB and a frequency variety of 200-5000Hz. The HA20 works on a button mobileular battery thats protected and alternative are without problems available. A battery is furnished so that you can experience the advantages of your new listening to amplifier for longer. The Beurer HA20 is offered in a beneficial velvet garage box, to hold your Hearing Amplifier secure while now no longer in use.

How to use

  • Remove the listening to amplifier from the packaging and test that the tool and all add-ons are protected and now no longer damaged.
  • Open the battery compartment at the listening to amplifier, insert the button mobileular battery (alkaline kind LR754) protected withinside the shipping into the battery compartment.
  • When putting the battery, make certain that the perfect polarity ( /-) is observed.
  • Close the battery compartment again.
  • Now join your earplug to the headphones.
  • Make positive the quantity manipulate is to begin with set to the bottom placing earlier than working the listening to amplifier.
  • Bring the listening to amplifier up on your ear.
  • Slowly insert the earplug into your ear canal making use of no force, make certain now no longer to insert the earplug too deeply into the ear canal.
  • Move the On/Off transfer to ?I? to replace at the listening to amplifier.
  • Use the quantity manipulate to alter the quantity to the preferred degree so you can pay attention sounds sincerely and distinctly.
  • If you pay attention a mild whistling sound while sporting the listening to amplifier, test that your earplug is geared up well to your ear.


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