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In the first few months of life your baby relies on his milk for all the nutrients needed to grow and develop every part of his little body. If you are unable to breastfeed, bebelac 1 complete care gives your baby the nutrients needed for a healthy growth and development. The Nutrient levels in bebelac 1 comply with the recommendations of the World health Organization. Features: First infant milk? (imported from Germany) Complete Care Size: 400g Recommended Age: Suitable from birth to 6 months old Stage 1 ? From 0 to? 6 months. From now on, although your baby is starting to experience the taste of simple, pure solid foods, he will still rely on his milk for most of the nutrients he needs to grow and develop for some months to come. Breastmilk is best as it is designed by nature to give your baby everything he needs from his milk in just the right balance. However, if you are unable or choose not to breastfeed, it?s good to know that Bebelac 1 follow on milk with Prebiotics offers complete care, giving your baby the nutrients needed for happy growth and development.

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