Avalon Vag Douche 135ml

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What is the Avalon Vaginal douche ?

The phrase when a vaginal shower is used externally and internally to eliminate fungi and vaginal bacteria

The shape?

Douch 135 ml

The use?

?? Avalon is a wide-range vaginal shower that acts as a microbial killer.
?? Shower cleanser to treat candida trichomonas and general vaginal infections.

Product Features?

?? Effective treatment in all cases of vaginitis and gives quick results for the symptoms associated with infections such as itching and burning.
?? It is used in cases of vaginal infections caused by Candida Trichomonas or multiple causes.
?? There is a tool for use inside the vagina.

The composition?

Povidone-iodine 10%

?? Used under medical supervision in case of pregnancy and newborns
?? Keep out of reach of children
?? Keep away from light



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