Auracos Procollagenium 25ml Vials 14’s

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Auracos Procollagenium 25ml vials 14’s

When taking Pro Collagenium daily it has been clinically proven to slow down the aging process of the skin in deep layers with a significant improvement in its structure after just 3 months. skin aging.

Collagen is the major structural component of skin comprising about 80% of its dry weight. Aging environmental factors UV light hormones and nutrition affect the skin properties every day leading to a loss of collagen which in turn leads to fine lines wrinkles and loss of elasticity of the skin.

Pro collagenium is a super-concentrated (10000 mg) collagen-based anti-aging liquid food supplement which contributes to perfect the skin appearance from within. When taken on a daily basis Pro Collagenium is clinically proven to slow down the skin aging process in the deep layers of the skin with significant improvement of skin texture after 3 months only.

  • Improving the level of skin hydration
  • less collagen fragmentation of the skin
  • fewer fine wrinkles
  • slowing down the formation of deep wrinkles
  • improving skin elasticity

Key Ingredients:

  • Collagen

How to use:

  • For usage refer to the instructions present on the package
  • Or as recommended by your healthcare provider
  • Do not exceed the daily recommended intake


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