21st Century Calcium 600 + D Caplets 75’s

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21st Century Calcium 600 + D Caplets 75’s

Together with physical activity, a healthy diet that includes 21st Century Calcium 600 supports bone health and maintenance. Calcium is a crucial nutrient for maintaining healthy bones. Additionally, calcium supports the health of the muscles and nerves. The addition of vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and supports the immune system. It supports the bone health in adolescents and support for bones in later life.


  • Vitamin D and calcium are crucial for treating osteoporosis.
  • Taking calcium is advised during a healthy pregnancy.
  • The immune system is supported by calcium and vitamin D.

How to use:

  • Take one (1) tablet twice daily as a calcium supplement. as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner, with any meal. Never go beyond the suggested dosage.



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