The pulse oximeter is a device that monitors and measures the saturation of oxygen level in the blood and pulse rate of the body. The amount of oxygen in the blood is measured by passing a small beam of light through the body by fixing this on the finger or toe. The Pulse oximeter is a reusable device that can be attached to your body such as the forehead, fingers, nose, ears, foot, or toes.

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Pulse oximeter are well suited for people who mostly suffer from heart failure or any pulmonary diseases.  This enables continuous monitoring of heart rate and oxygen saturation in a straightforward manner. It is particularly helpful for asthma patients and also helpful for sports at high altitudes, mountain climbing, and skiing, or aviation sports. Sahajamal provides the best class Oximeter ever available in the markets.

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Beurer Pulse Oximeter Po30

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AED 393.00
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