SugarBear is a beauty brand especially focused on hair beauty.  This product compliments your hair by offering multivitamins.  This product consists of biotin that keeps your hair and nails healthier.  At Sahajamal we designed our vitamin products that are looking easy to consume without any effort.  This formula ensures the improvement of your hair strength and gives proper nourishment.  The non-harmonically prepared SugarBear vitamins do not affect your facial or body hairs.

Mostly the SugarBear tastes like candy-sweet and delicious made with the juice of real berries.  SugarBear beauty products are also available in different flavors like Melatonin, berry-flavored, Lemon Balm Leaf, etc along with hair-loving ingredients such as folic acid, Vitamin D, biotin. Sahajamal deals with a variety of Sugarbear products like Sugarbear Women Multivitamins, SugarBear Hair vitamins etc.

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